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Federal Premium® Receives “Best of the Best” Awards From Field & Stream Magazine

Federal Premium Ammunition
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Federal Premium® Mag-Shok™ HEAVYWEIGHT® Turkey (12-gauge) and Vital-Shok™ Trophy® Copper rifle ammunition received “Best of the Best” awards from Field & Stream for 2012-2013. The publication praised Mag-Shok HEAVYWEIGHT Turkey for their increased effective range and low felt recoil, while Vital-Shok Trophy Copper demonstrated superior downrange penetration and expansion. Both awards highlight quality innovations from Federal Premium Ammunition.

ANOKA, Minn. - September 17, 2012 - Federal Premium’s Mag-Shok™ HEAVYWEIGHT® turkey (12-gauge, 2-3/4-inch low recoil) and Vital-Shok™ Trophy® Copper (centerfire rifle) received Field & Stream “Best of the Best” awards for ammunition in 2012-2013. Winners of “Best of the Best” awards are chosen for being innovative products in their categories and for displaying high standards of quality in their design and manufacturing.

“Our staff spent the better part of the past year finding and testing the gear that will make readers’ time in the woods more productive and more fun,” said Slaton White, Deputy Editor of Field & Stream. “The winning products not only withstood our tough testing, but they stood head-and-shoulders above the rest displaying absolute excellence in their field. The Best of the Best is the highest honor Field & Stream bestows on gear and the winning products are the best of the year; worth your time, worth your money.”

Power Without the Recoil
Federal Premium’s new low recoil 12-gauge, 2-3/4-inch turkey load is designed for taking down big gobblers while delivering less felt recoil to the shooter’s shoulder. The smaller-length shotshells in shot size #6 or #7 feature 1-1/4-ounce HEAVYWEIGHT shot for 47 percent less felt recoil than 3-inch loads. The HEAVYWEIGHT payload delivers more penetration energy and similar pellet count as a 3-inch, #5 lead round. The rear-braking FLITECONTROL wad keeps shot streams on target for exceptionally effective patterns.

“Federal’s tungsten-iron HEAVYWEIGHT shot is the densest on the market, meaning the #6s hit like lead #4s and the #7s [hit] like lead #5s. I have killed turkeys with both sizes and can vouch for its downrange punch even on long shots. Its density and hardness help it out-pattern lead,” said Phil Bourjaily, Shotguns Field Editor of Field & Stream.

Downrange Devastation
Introduced in 2012, the Vital-Shok Trophy Copper rifle loads feature a Polymer tipped bullet cavity to optimize expansion across a broad range of velocities. These copper-alloy offerings maintain up to 99 percent of their weight after impact for devastating downrange performance. A grooved bullet shank provides for increased accuracy.

“Penetration and expansion were both uniform and superior. The bullets mushroomed perfectly. The 180-grain bullets kept 99 percent of their copper; the [165-grain bullets] hung on to 100 percent. You can’t do any better,” said David E. Petzal, Rifles Field Editor of Field & Stream.

Proud Producers
“We are honored to receive Field & Stream’s Best of the Best awards,” said Kyle Tengwall, Federal’s Vice President of Marketing and Communication. “Field & Stream’s editorial staff is comprised of some of the most respected journalists in the outdoor industry and Federal Premium is proud to be counted among their Best of the Best.”

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