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Eagle Industries Announces New Video Series

Eagle Beyond
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia - July 11, 2019 - Eagle Industries is celebrating its all-new eCommerce website with the launch of a new video series titled “Eagle : BEYOND.” The series focuses on four top-tier military personnel who are taking their experience and training to the next level in their post-service lives.

“Episode 1 : Ignore the Odds” is now available online. It follows best-selling author and retired Navy SEAL Jack Carr as he gives a glimpse into his personal life and what drives him to excel. Find out how his training, gear and unique perspective on life combine to create his unrelenting dedication to freedom.

Filmed during the winter in beautiful Park City, Utah “Episode 1 : Ignore the Odds” is a cinematic adventure into the wilderness of the West. Viewers will follow Carr as he backpacks, practices bowhunting, throws hatchets, fly fishes, snowmobiles and shares some of his most beloved spots in the mountains.

The episode is the first in a four-part series. Each will highlight the personal story behind some of America’s most driven service-members as they push themselves to succeed in vastly different walks of life.
To view the first episode of this new series, go to

About Eagle Industries
Eagle Industries was born from the uncompromising demands of the Navy SEAL community, and those standards are still what drive everything we do to this day. All of our gear is Berry Compliant and proudly made in the USA to ensure our end users - from top-tier military, to backcountry adventurers - have exactly what they need to go above and beyond every day.


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