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Ammunition & Firearms
JJ Reich

Phone: 763-323-3862

Brands: Federal Ammunition, Savage Arms, CCI, Speer, Alliant Powder, Blazer, Estate, Stevens, Savage Range Systems.


Optics and Hunt/Archery Products
Jake Edson

Phone: 763-323-3865

Brands: Bushnell, Primos, Weaver, Gold Tip, Simmons, Tasco, Bee Stinger, Millett.


Tactical Products and Shooting Accessories
Kristen Veverka

Phone: 913-689-3630

Brands: BLACKHAWK!, RCBS, Hoppe's, Uncle Mike's, Champion, Butler Creek, Gunslick Pro, Outers, Force On Force, M-Pro 7, Eagle, Speer.


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Gold Tip Pro Shooter Tim Gillingham Wins European Pro Series Masters Classic
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Bushnell to Showcase New Binoculars at American Birding Expo
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Federal Premium Shooters Vincent Hancock and Caitlin Connor Crowned World Champions
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Federal Premium Launches New Gold Medal Grand Paper Hull Shotgun Ammunition
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Federal Premium Introduces Unprimed Brass for Handloaders
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