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2022 New Ammunition Overview Flyer


Punch 22 WMR

30 Super Carry American Eagle

30 Super Carry HST

Upland Steel Paper Wad

Top Gun Paper Wad

Shorty Force X2

Punch 44 Special

HST 357 Magnum and 327 Federal Magnum

Top Gun Game Load


Hydra-Shok Deep Line Extension

22 LR and 10mm Punch Line Ext

Swift A-Frame JHP Line Extension

Gold Medal Berger Line Extension

Gold Medal Sierra Line Extension

HammerDown Line Extension

MeatEater Trophy Copper Line Extension

Swift Scirocco II Line Extension

Terminal Ascent Component Bullets Line Extension

HEAVYWEIGHT TSS Turkey Load Line Extension

NRA Edition Premium Personal Defense Buckshot

Prairie Storm with FLITECONTROL FLEX Line Extension

Syntech Range TSJ Line Extension

Fusion 6.5 PRC

Upland Steel Line Extension

FireStick 80 Grain Equivalent

Custom Shop Rob Roberts Special Edition Turkey Loads




Terminal Ascent

Force X2

Hydra Shok Deep 380 Auto

Solid Core(Syntech)

HST Line Extensions

Syntech Practice & HST Defend Packs

MeatEater Centerfire (Trophy Copper)

Swift Scirocco

6.5 PRC Gold Medal Berger

MeatEater Shotshell (Bismuth)

MeatEater Shotshell (3rd Degree)

Prairie Storm 16 and 28 Gauge

Black Cloud TSS 20 Gauge

Paper Flyer

Terminal Ascent Component Bullets

Fusion 10mm Auto

Train + Protect Line Extensions

9x19mm NATO Military Grade Ball

American Eagle Buckets .223

350 Legend

Non-Typical 7mm-08 Rem.

Varmint & Predator V-Max Line Extensions

MSR Ammo Cans

Speed-Shok Sea Duck

Speed-Shok 100 Packs

Upland Steel 28 Gauge and .410

Top Gun Sporting High Velocity

Top Gun 100 Packs

Fusion 224 Valkyrie Component Bullets

Federal Custom Shop Rifle and Shotshell

Syntech Bulk Bucket

Shorty Shotshells

10mm Auto HST

224 Valkyrie 2019 Additions

Barnes TSX

Berger Hybrid Hunter

Black Cloud TSS 12 Gauge

Gold Medal Grand Plastic

Hydra-Shok Component Bullets

Gold Medal® Rifle 2019 Additions


450 Bushmaster


Syntech Defense

Syntech PCC

Syntech Training Match

Top Gun Sporting 2019 Additions

Upland Steel 2019 Additions

Varmint & Predator 2019 Additions

Fusion Component Bullets 2019 Additions

Unprimed Brass

BallistiClean Buck And Slug

Hydra-Shok® Deep™ 2019 Additions